Molinillo Salero Madera Catalejo

Molinillo Salero Madera CatalejoMolinillo Salero Madera Catalejo

Molinillo Salero Madera Catalejo

Salero en Madera estilo Catalejo. Envase de Acetato de Cristal.


5 300,00 ARS

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Wood Spyglass Salt Grinder -Crystal Acetate Line

Its new Grinder system and Quality materials (Stainless Steel) which compose its mechanism, bound to a noble solid wood and bronze, makes this Grinder an Essential and Enduring element to spice your foods.

It does not requires daily adjustments like others spinning mechanism’s Grinders.

It grinds Coarse Salt.



Step 1: Put the Grinder Upside-Down;

Step 2: Rotate the base until it’s separated from its body.

Step 3: Fill up with Coarse Salt, leaving 1 centimeter from the border without filling.

Step 4: Put the base again and rotate it until it’s closure.

Step 5: Put the Grinder Upside-Down again and press the superior button to grind and apply in your food.

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