Our company was founded over fifteen years ago by a group of lovers of fine wines, who decided to make the wine accessories St. Germain.

Saint Germain was the first brand in the country to manufacture and market the full accessories with domestic raw materials. They were designed for people who appreciate enjoy every little moment when taste, elegantly distinguished wine.

For this reason, the accessories were designed with the most noble material, wood. The wood, which has much to do with the aging of wine.

Hand crafted, accessories have pure and stylized lines, which makes them unique in the market.

Despite economic downturns, already known to all, Saint Germain. He continued betting the country, and expanded its product line, despite strong competition from imported products.

After fifteen years of market leadership at the national level, we continue to successfully dabbling in foreign trade. And this is not only due to our commercial capacity and the emphasis on quality, but also to our suppliers and customers to whom we are very grateful.